Heaven 17

Heaven 17, please remember, were not even intended to be a group.

In the beginning was the British Electric Foundation, or B.E.F., for short.

Born out of the collapse of the original Human League, and the brainchild of Martyn Ware, that band’s leader, B.E.F. was less a record label, as a portfolio of future musical projects of which Heaven 17 would be just one.

Ian Craig Marsh, co-founder of the Human League, would join Ware along with Glenn Gregory as lead vocalist the man who would have been the original Human League singer had he not been unavailable.B.E.F. would produce the now iconic Music For Stowaways, and Music Of Quality and Distinction 1, and provided a template that subsequent artists would use from The Assembly in the Eighties, Electronic in the Nineties, and most recently, the Damon Albanand Jamie Hewlett project, Gorillaz.

But its Heaven 17 which would endure and help shape the future of modern music for over thirty years.


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